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Solar Water Heater

Starwaypowersystems deals with top brands havells and V-guard solar water heater service in Tirupur offers high quality trusted products for home and industrial use. We are suppliers and dealers of high efficient solar water heater evacuated tube panel type. The solar water heater cuts the electricity bill. Selar energy helps eco-friendly nature. Our product is made of PUF stainless steel to prevent heat loss and the evacuated tube gives the best output from solar energy. It is easy to install solar water for homes, offices, apartments, industries, schools, colleges, hostels. There is no extra maintenance need for the needed 15-year life period. We have a solar water heater capacity from 100 LPD to 5000 LPD, and per customer need we can install at your doorstep. 

solar water heater tirupur

Our solar water heaters are international technology brands vgaurd and havells always provide the best quality in service using advanced high-components-evacuated tube and panel-type heaters. It saves on electricity bills, is eco the friendly and is the best lifetime investment. Daylight, Incident on the vacuum tube, goes through the external straightforward glass cylinder and strikes the external surface of the inward glass tube wity particular covering (A/N/SS/CU). This glass tube, which behave like a dark body, absorps the radiation and gets warmed up all the while. The presence of vacuum between the two cylinder forestalls heat misfortune to the environmental factors. The warmed inward cylinder moves this intensity to the water which it is straightforwardly in touch. Heated water is lower in thickness and subsequently has a tendancy to rise up.Cool water from tank streams down to supplant the boiling water, faciliating dissemination by thermosyphon. What’s more, through this cycle, the whole water in the capacity tank warms up and prepared for use. The capacity tank is protected with PUF which limits the intensity misfortune around evening time.

Features of V-Guard Evacuated Tube Collector System

  • Hot water creates without power or fuel.
  • Excellent cylinders produced using Borosilicate limit heat misfortune.
  • Liberated from scaling of cylinder.
  • Sun based water warmer tank with Aluminum/Stainless Steel/MSPowder Coated cladding.
  • Great PUF protection limits the intensity loss of water inside the tank.
  • More noteworthy retention region, auto sun following because of round state of vacume tubes.
  • Effective execution in winter and to some degree shady days.
  • ISI Electric back up radiator (discretionary to the client)
  • Minimized size, low level, light weight.
  • Simple to introduce and move.
  • Cutting edge innovation at cutthroat rate.
  • Immense saving money on power and fuel charges
Annual Savings on Electricity Bills (sample chart)
Electricity consumed for heating 100 litres of water in a 25 Lit. electric water heater.4.65 Elect. Unit/day(approx.)
4.65 x 300 (sunshine days)1395 Elect. Unit
1395 x 6.5 (rate/unit)*9068/-(approx.)
Available Capacities in ETC Model: (Domestic Systems)
Capacity in Litres per dayUntility Points (max.)No. of persons using hot waterNo. of evacuated glass tubesInlet/Outlet pipe size of storage tank
100 LPD22-3101.9 cm (3/4”)
125 LPD23-4131.9 cm (3/4”)
150 LPD34-5151.9 cm (3/4”)
200 LPD45-6201.9 cm (3/4”)

Solar Water Heater Service in Tirupur

Havells Solar Water Heater
vgaurd solar water heater
V-Gaurd Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater Types

panel type solar water heater
Panel Type Solar Water Heater
Tube Type Solar Water Heater​
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