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Solar Ups

solar ups tirupurStarwaypowersystems offers a best solar ups services in Tirupur using high quality brand solar panels and charging contollers. We provide home solar ups, industrial solar ups, commercial solar ups at low cost includes installation and maintenance of periodic solar ups battery. Solar Energy Management System has a special feature to upgrade any conventional UPS with first priority given to solar. The charger has the intelligence to connect and disconnect the AC mains to the UPS depending upon the battery voltage levels to ensure using solar as primary power and mains only for this emergency.

Solar Ups Features

  • SP based control ensures high dependability
  • Pure sine wave input
  • Conservative and light weight
  • Basic and simple establishment
  • High efficient and longer back up time
  • Stage inversion assurance
  • Cut off
  • LCD for status observing
  • Over-burden assurance and auto recovery
  • Intelligent charging guarantees more battery life
  • Ordinary and Computer mode activity of the UPS
  • Noiceless activity of fans, lights, and apparatuses
  • 10% more sun based energy is gathered by utilizing MPPT Solar Charger


  • Home ups power backup.
  • Household and industrial appliances.
  • Personal computers, Laptops.
  • Small applications water motor.
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