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Starway Power Systems - High Tech R.O. Systems is known for water treatment solution Company. We design, manufacture & supply of such as Water softening plant, Reverse Osmosis Plants, De-mineralize etc. Company having more experience in the Water Treatment Field . We have an extensive experience in this field and serving diverse industries for more than one decade.

We are backed by a global team of selected professionals that specialize in the Indian water treatment industry. We provide solutions for Industrial, Commercial & Residential water treatment plants, this in turn increases our ability to meet specialized needs. Our water treatment plants are made of high quality materials that are safe and hygienic and needs low treatment cost.

Starway Power System - High Tech R.O. Systems has been engaged in manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of water treatment & RO plants and allied spare parts. we also offer a wide range of services that includes fabrication, assembling, installation, maintenance and replacement of spare parts of our water treatment plants.

We are one of the leading and fast growing water and waste water Treatment Company in India. This has been possible due to our technical expertise.

Five Stages of Water Purification System

- Sediment Filter - Pre Carbon Filter - Pre Carbon Black Filter - Reverse Osmosis - Post Carbon Filter

RO Special Features :

- R.O. System produces 8 Litres to 16 Litres per hour Purified Water for the purpose of Home.
  ( For Industry upto 5000 Litres )
- Long Lasting Certified Pipes
- More Models available for Water Indicator to be used and to be fitted

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